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Data transfers in APO Demand Planning module

I have a problem in APO Demand Planning module, especially in DP to SNP transfer. When I transfer the demand from DP (Demand in Weeks) to SNP (Days), the data gets transferred properly in days only if I release data from a Key Figure in live cache. If I use a Infocube KF to transfer data then Demand in SNP(for which buckets are in days) is seen only on the first day of week. Please help.

The important thing to understand when copying from an Infocube to live cache is that it tries to transfer the data using common periodicity/s. This normally means that if the data is stored in months and weeks in your infocube and weeks and days in SNP then the data is transferred in weeks. It then uses the "time based disaggregation" setting in the SNP key figure to proportion this weekly figure to days.

I assume from your description that you have weeks in the infocube but only have days in your SNP storage buckets profile, which results in all of the data being passed to the first day of the week. You need to check the storage buckets profile and if weeks isn't selected then you need to include it. You also need to check the "time based disaggregation" setting in the SNP key figure to make sure that once you have added weeks to the storage bucket that it will disaggregate correctly. To see this setting go to the planning area administration and then go to the "key figure aggregation" tab. You will see the time-based setting and you need to check how it is set for your key figure. Any questions you can email me paul.krant@diagonal-consulting.com.

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