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Data storage in an SAP table through JCo

Our expert provides instructions for sending data in an SAP file through the Java Connector.

How do I store data in an SAP table through JCo after I have populated the JCo.Function instance with the appropriate objects?
In order to send data to SAP via JCo, you must initiate an instance of the JCo.Client, passing into an established SAP connection. You must then pass the JCo.Function instance created previously to the connection instance, calling the execute( ) method to request SAP to update the table.

This tip was based on a code snippet sent to me where all of the previous steps were correct, except for the fact that the developer had not called the execute( ) method. For hands-on code tips, search SearchSAP.com using my last name 'sincock' for more help or check out my book Enterprise Java for SAP.

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