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Data file errors after Windows upgrade

I have migrated R/3 Enterprise with an Oracle 9i database from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003. I have done a routine file system backup/restore and recreated the control file.

I got my database up and running, but with the error: "BLOCK CORRUPTION ERRORS" in some data files. What should I do?

Do the same corruptions occur in the original database? You can use DBVERIFY to verify database consistency. Instead of using a file system backup/restore, you should do the backup/restore using database tools such as RMAN. RMAN reads and writes Oracle blocks. It will report block corruption right away.

Indexes can be easily dropped and re-created. Block corruptions in data is less easy to solve. You might try to export the table, but in most cases, the data in the corrupted blocks is lost. Have a look in OSS NOTE 23345: Consistency check for Oracle and OSS NOTE 36548: Block corruptions.

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