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DB2 support on RAW devices on HP-UX

With IBM purchasing Informix last year they have made it clear that in the next several years, Informix will be migrated to DB2. We have a lot of SAP using informix and we are starring a new installation of SAP from scratch. I have been looking at the R/3 Installation on Unix for DB2 universal database documentation dated April 2001. It is stated that RAW devices are supported only on AIX. We are used to working only with RAW devices under HP-UX and Informix. Can you please tell me if this is still true today and/or when DB2 will be supported on RAW devices on HP-UX. We believe RAW devices perform much better even though they require a little more management. Any insight you can give me is greatly appreciated.

DB2 is supported and can access data on RAW devices on HP-UX. If you are considering this investment please contact your local HP response center and ask for the hardware competence center. Or, if you are one step ahead, please see http://www-3.ibm.com/software/data/hp/dmproducts.html. For more specific SAP information please see the SAP note on RAW devices for your DB version.

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