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Customizing problem in FI

An error message says, "Accounting transaction not permitted for posting in FI/CO." What could be the cause?

I am getting the following error message when trying to post IDoc FIDCCP02 into an SAP RD1 system for transaction FB70 and FB75:

"Accounting transaction not permitted for posting in FI/CO"

I have set up a distribution model, a logical system and partner profile, one as a receiving and sending system, and have the process code set up to call functional module IDOC_INPUT_FIDCC1. The data in the IDoc seems to be right, as far as the control record, headers, and data records. I am not sure if there is an extra configuration that I am missing, or data that needs to be added to the IDoc.

This sounds like a customizing problem in FI to me, or else the ALE user lacks authority. If your FI/CO consultant can't help, then try to process the message in debug mode through transaction WE19.

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