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Customized cubes: Benefits of partioning on time characteristics

Jay Narayanan provides expert advice on BW cubes partitioned on time characteristic and how the characteristic will aid data retrieval.

I have a problem with a customized cube. Usually the fact table of the cube will have merely the key figures and the dimension IDs. But, with this cube, the fact table has an entry:


0fiscper is also maintained in the time dimension of the cube. How is it possible to have an entry other than the dim IDs, and key figures in the fact table of a cube? How is sid_0fiscper maintained in the fact table? Is there any purpose in designing the cube (fact table) like this?

The cube that you have created is partitioned on time characteristic 0fiscper. This is the reason why the characteristic sid_0fiscper has been added to the fact tables. This characteristic needs to be added to the e-table so that the table can be partitioned based on time, and the data retrieval will be faster due to partition pruning.

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