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Custom messaging with CCMS

Is it possible to generate custom messages within CCMS?

As per the requirements, I have to automate the process chain (actually a metachain) in a BW system using only CCMS. I have configured CCMS for this in my BW system, but the alert message I am getting is not fit for the layman to understand. So, I want to generate my own messages, i.e., the body of the mail would be as specified by me.

Also, I have to send different messages for different alerts to the users, as mentioned in the distribution list....

Is it possible that for different alerts, different messages can be sent? There is already an auto-reaction method in place -- CCMS_OnAlert_Email / CCMS_OnAlert_Email_V2 -- but this only generates the static messages.

Thank you for your consideration. Awaiting for your reply!

It is standard behavior to just forward the CCMS message as is. To my knowledge, this cannot be modified. However, CCMS_OnAlert_Email calls upon function SALO_EMAIL_IN_CASE_OF_ALERT. To modify the message sent, a solution might be to copy the function and customize it to your needs.
This was last published in August 2006

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