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Currency conversion for expected sales volume in mySAP CRM 4.0

We have done SFA using SAP CRM 4.0 and EP 6.0. Right now the problem is that while creating an opportunity, we need to mention the expected sales volume (it can be in USD or GBP or any currency).

When a user enters the expected sales volume (ex: 1000 USD), then changes the currency to GBP, the expected sales volume field does not change (instead, it will now say 1000 GBP.) In other words, the currency conversion is not taking place in that field as it should.

The system picks up the currency field from customer sales area data if it is a customer already, but you can overwrite the currency field. The system is not going to convert the value of the expected sales volume from 1000 USD to 1000/1.773 GBP. You may have to write the currency conversion routine.

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