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Crystal Reports contracting

How would you suggest someone with Crystal Reports skills obtain contract assignments using these skills in a SAP R/3 BW environment? I would also be interested in using skills in any other SAP R/3 module.
I don't know a lot about Crystal Reports or a lot about your background, but I can tell you this: I was just working on a Crystal Reports/BW contract last week. The contract required both BW and Crystal Reports, and it's not clear to me if you have both. If you have solid BW AND solid Crystal Reports skills, you should be able to find some gigs. If you just have Crystal Reports skills, but no BW, there is still a chance you could find Crystal Reports contracts in a BW environment, but you'll have a disadvantage against those Crystal Reports folks who also have BW skills. This is actually one good example of where training can potentially really help you. Since you already have Crystal Reports skills, if you obtained BW certification, that would be a tie-breaker against other Crystal Reports folks who didn't have the BW skills piece. It's a long shot, but it's one good example of how training can indeed lead to a contract.

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