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Cross-catalog search -- possible in EBP 4.0 on SRM?

I would like to know more about the SRM solution on catalog management. We have an SRM solution in our company, with an EBP 4.0 component, and we manage a lot of catalogs with requisite, but some others are managed by suppliers (punch-out catalogs).

We prefer not to upload all catalog contents for our "big" suppliers in our requisite, because it would be quite expensive to manage the updates. My question is: Is it possible to integrate all these heterogeneous contents coming from different sources (requisite/different punch-out catalogs) so that a user can search an item, by text description or by category, and find the catalog where the item is managed?

In other words, is cross-catalog search possible? How? Is the catalog authoring tool relevant for this issue?

Your question on cross-catalog searching is one that is asked by a lot of organizations. As of EBP 4.0, you can perform cross-catalog searches for goods and services. This functionality is only available for those catalogs that support this function.

The key term here is "catalogs that support this function" – you'll find that there are not many that do so currently. Review the latest OCI standards to find the appropriate technical information and review with your suppliers.

Sachin Sethi

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