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Credit blocks on EDI-created orders

We receive purchase orders from customers through EDI after which a sales order is created in our SAP system. When a customer has not paid their bills for some time we usually put them on a credit hold by going to FD32 ? status & entering ZBL in the credit risk field. I think ZBL is a custom condition type used by our company to put a block on their orders. When a customer is on a credit hold, the sales order that is created reflects the credit block in the status record. Hence, a delivery is not created for that sales order. But for some reason the sales order is not reflecting the credit hold and the delivery is created anyway. Someone happened to notice this on a particular order and that's how we found out, otherwise the delivery would go into production. I'm not sure if this is an SAP functional issue or something that needs to be handled by a technical SAP-ABAP/ EDI consultant. Thoughts? You probably need a combination of both! If my understanding of the problem is correct, then manually creating a sales order for a credit blocked customer is behaving differently from ones created through EDI. This may be a configuration issue, it may be a "feature" of standard SAP, or it may be that the custom condition has an error in it. The first step would be for a functional expert to check, then bring in an ABAPer if nothing is found. It is entirely possible for a process in SAP to run differently according to whether it is done manually in foreground, or, for example through EDI subsystem, automatically in background.

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