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Creating transports in production vs. development

We want a screen where users have to choose whether their work is a new development or a production-issue fix. If they choose development, the transport number will be generated with D<SID>K123456 and if it is production, the transport number will be generated with P<SID>K123456 numbers.

From you experience, can this be done? This is to distinguish between a development transport request and a production fixes transport request.
You should not create any transports in production to carry out any fixes unless your development system is down and it's an emergency fix. Transports that come out of production are usually because of client exports, logical systems creation, etc. But, don't create any transports there to fix anything because your development system will be out of sync. You need to create the transports in development only. Release them and import them into production through STMS.
This was last published in September 2003

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