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Creating new fields in the business partner using EEWB

I am creating new fields in the business partner in CRM 3.1 using the Easy Enhancement Workbench transaction EEWB. I can create the new fields in a new project and extension, and it shows up in table BUT000. The problem is it is not linking to any of the screens in the business partner. How do I link the newly created field in BUT000 to any of the screens in business partner?
EEWB uses customizing include (CI) provided by SAP to make extensions easy. These customizing includes are included in the People Centric UI and relevant database tables (For instance BUT000 if the Business Partner is extended). The extensions would appear automatically on the BP screens if People centric UI used. I guess the People Centric UI is not used in your case. The system simply does not know in which business partner screen, sub screen or field grouping the new field should appear. You may have to use BDT (Business Data Toolset) to include the field in the existing field group, sub screen or screen.

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