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Creating custom infotypes in mySAP HR

Creating custom infotypes is very possible in mySAP HR. Expert Roger Cerini lends his advice and discusses how right here.

Our company is developing some PA custom infotypes for tracking key talent with a Web front-end. SAP failed to consider and provide "creation date" or "created by" fields, and the standard "changed date" (AEDTM) does not address the need to preserve this information for metrics or analysis.

Is there any reason why we could not build and maintain these one-time maintenance fields ourselves in a custom infotype using RFC's or screen exits?

Since you are creating a custom infotype the definition of data fields will be under your control. You will need to define the "creation" fields in the transparent PA table and control the updating via ABAP. It is also your decision on whether or not to display these fields on the screen.

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