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Creating condition records

In our landscape, we are using R/3 4.7 to handle pricing and CRM 4.0 to house promotions (Campaigns and Trade Promotions). We have some promotions such as Volume Rebates where the payout attainment is tiered on an annual basis. For example:

Sales Payout
100,000 1%
200,000 2%

We may want to fire an accrual of 1.5% each time this promotion applies. I assume I need to set up my example above as a scaled discount, but if so, is there anywhere I can put the 1.5% in order to create the condition record I need for the accrual?
It is very much possible using the conditions with usage "CD." Conditions created with usage CD controls campaign determination when the trade promotion is executed. Or you can also create condition records with usage "BO" depending on the business scenario.

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