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Creating boxes around groups of radio buttons

I am maintaining an ABAP/4 dialog screen in 4.0b using Screen Painter. The screen has a radio button group, with boxes around some of the buttons. The first two buttons are in one box, the next three are in another and the last two are unboxed.

I added another radio button to this group. To do this, I had to dissolve the radio button group and remove the boxes, then redefine the radio buttons. However, I am not able to redraw the boxes. The Screen Painter Check Layout shows the error:
"Box cuts through a group of radio buttons".

The existing program was created over two years ago in 4.0b and obviously it was possible to do this. The program continues to work without error in PRD.

Is there a way for me to create the radio button group with boxes around subsets of the radio buttons? Was there a change in the Screen Painter via hotpacks in the interim?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Although you could do this in old releases of SAPGUI, you cannot since 46C. Screens created with an old release still work with 46C and up, but if you make changes you have to fall in line with the new constraints.

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