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Creating an IDoc

We are using DGP1 transaction to create dangerous goods and that will create an IDoc. Here one function module will be to create the IDoc -- if this function module fails it will trigger one workflow with the event chgdocchanged. In one server we are able to create an IDoc, but not in upgraded to 4.7.
I do not know the transaction DPG1. Are IDocs triggered through a NAST message? Then custom might be missing in 4.7. Or is a User-Exit used, which is replaced now by a BADI?

But as you have a working system to compare with, set a breakpoint in the triggering function. When it stops there, view the call stack in the debugger. Then try to find one of the calling routines back in 4.7 and set a breakpoint there and at the same place in the old system. Then debug both progs in parallel to see where the execution differs.

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