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Creating a relationship between an org object and an org unit

Allowing the connection between an org object and an org unit

I am trying to create a relationship between the org object IJ plant with an organizational unit (O). I created the new subtype and relationship, but when I try to utilize the relationship SAP does not allow the connection, stating "no objects found". This is despite the fact that I have selected the object from a drop down list of all plants created (created in PP). Are these plants available in HR given that they can be selected?
1. In table T778T, add object IJ plant and define the object time constraint.

2. In table T778V, define allowed relationships. For this example, I selected 003-Belongs to and add new entry to allow relationship between object O – A/B 003 to object IJ (both top and bottom relationships must be assigned). Similarly, object IJ must have define allowed relationships to object O.

3. See example:

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