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Creating a fake resume for an SAP position

One of the consulting firms is giving five day training in SAP PORTAl and after that they try to place prospectives in a typical consulting company, but a job is not guaranteed. Do you think if I learn SAP PORTAl, I can make a career in SAP? Do I need to create a fake resume for an SAP job? I have a total eight years of IT experience.
I'm glad you were honest enough to ask this question about making up experience on resumes. In the past, you could actually get away with making up phony experience on SAP resumes because companies were desperate for talent and weren't very sophisticated in evaluating SAP resumes. It was never a tactic I endorsed, but I saw people get away with it sometimes -- though it usually caught up with them in the end.

But today's SAP users are much more familiar with SAP and there's no way you'll be able to fake your way into SAP without getting caught. You are better off just being honest about your background. Since you have eight years of SAP experience, plus Portals training on the way, your resume should look pretty decent anyhow. If the company you train with doesn't succeed in placing you, your job will be to find ways of getting SAP users excited about your current skills. That means doing some careful matching between your IT skills and the SAP employers you are targeting. But I'm sure you can find them. For example, if you're an Oracle DBA, make sure you apply to Oracle-based SAP shops, and if you have Java skills, make sure to apply to SAP shops that are involved in web-based SAP development. You get the idea. This approach takes a lot of legwork and isn't very glamorous, but it's the most reliable way to break into SAP, and you can do it without fudging anything.

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