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Copying a table between different SAP releases

Expert Bert Vanstechelman explains why SAP, in theory, does not support copying tables between different releases and databases. He suggests a workaround.

Can you copy a table between different SAP releases and databases?
In theory, you cannot. SAP will not support the copying of tables between different SAP releases. Many objects such as invoices, customers, billing documents use more than just one table. Copying one table would lead to data inconsistencies.

However, I've seen customers taking a copy of a table using database tools just before doing a major change to the table structure (for example, adding a column). If the modification fails, instead of restoring the whole database, they would then use the table copy to re-create the original table. There is no risk for data inconsistency if this is done while the SAP system is unavailable to end users.

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