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Copy configuration from one client to another without losing development work history

Wondering how to copy configuration from one client to another without losing development work history? OS/DB migrations expert Bert Vanstechelman will tell you how.

We have a Golden Client 100 and a development client 200 , both in DEV box. Client 100 is purely for configuration and client 200 is for W/B purposes.

We need to copy the configuration from client 100 into client 200 without losing our development work history on...

W/B objects. Could you please advise me?

All data dictionary and development objects are client independent. Client creations, copies or removals have no impact on the development workbench. You should, however, release all pending transport requests in the client before overwriting or deleting it. Objects remain locked as long as a their request has not been released. Requests can only be released in the client in which they were created.
This was last published in November 2005

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