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Converting from MDMP to Unicode

An SAP user wants to know why an MDMP-to-Unicode conversion is more difficult to perform than that of a Single Code Page system.

Why is converting from MDMP to Unicode considered more complex than converting from Single Page Code to Unicode?
Multi-Display/Multi-Processing (MDMP) code pages allow dynamic code page switching on the application server. This switching capability allows any combination of standard code pages to be used on one system (with exceptions). The logon language of the user determines the switch to the correct code page so the user can work only in the code page in his or her dialog session.

Because of the mix of several code pages, the MDMP system requires special preparation and the attention of language experts who read and speak each of the languages currently used. An MDMP system contains many texts that have the same binary codes in the database but belong to different language code pages. Therefore, you cannot simply export and import the MDMP database with Unicode conversion as you can in the Single Code Page system scenario. The export tools cannot determine the language code page automatically. Instead, you must first identify to which language and code page the text data belongs.

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