Converting a PDF form to Word

A reader needs to be able to send a form by email and have the recipient send the completed form on to another person, so a PDF won't work. Matthew Billingham provides some guidance on converting a SmartForm to Word.

I am trying to create a Word (97) document from a program in SAP (version 46C). (The document content will vary based on certain criteria checked in the program.) I can create a beautiful form using Smart Forms, but am only able to email it to the user as a PDF attachment. Is it possible to convert this form to Word and emailed as an attachment?

The requirement is for the user to then answer some questions (text responses) and forward the email to another...

person in the business. As far as I can see, the RTF format is not pretty. Text format lacks formatting. Any ideas?

There are many third-party tools you can use to convert PDF to Word. Some of them are free. What you should do is write your PDF to the application server filesystem, then use SXPG_COMMAND_EXECUTE to call the converter. You can then pick up the converted file from the application server filesystem, and attach it to the email.

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