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Converting IDocs with the SAP Business Connector

Expert Matt Billingham discusses how to convert IDocs for third-party systems and vica versa using the SAP Business Connector.

I want to send data to a third-party system. The data can be converted into IDocs, but how can I convert the data from the IDoc format to the format they need, for example, text? Similarly, if they send the data in the text or any other format, how can I take the data into SAP and create IDocs?

You had said that the SAP Business Connector will do all those things. May I request you to explain how it is done using the Business Connector? Is it just configuring the connector or does one have to write any RFC enabled ABAP function modules?

Business Connector, XI and other middleware tools can read data in IDocs directly, and can automatically convert it to other forms, such as EDIFACT.

If the third-party is not one of the supplied standards, then you have to configure the MW tool to do the mappings correctly. No need to do any ABAP!

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