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Controlling purchasing document outputs by plant

Sachin Sethi offers some suggestions for how to accomplish a regulation of document output on a plant-by-plant basis.

We maintain data at the plant level and want to be able to control purchasing document outputs by plant. Any suggestions?
Unfortunately, I'll have to do some guesswork here based on the limited information in your question.

Are you using a Classic Scenario or Extended Classic? If Classic, then you must be creating Purchase Orders in the SAP R/3 system. There the output condition editor allows a lot of flexibility for controlling output.

However, if you are using the Extended Classic Scenario and creating purchasing documents in SRM, then the output control is fairly limited. The Condition Editor within the Set Output Actions and Output Format area in IMG provides some ability to control the output by Print, Fax, Email or XML. But this is very limited as compared to the SAP R/3 output controls.

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