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Contact person data in SAP CRM is showing differently than in R/3

Learn the difference between contact person data in SAP CRM and SAP R/3 and how it is used in both systems in this expert advice from CRM expert Srini Katta.

I am currently loading legacy data into our SAP CRM 4.0 system. When I create the relationship "has CP" between a BP and a CP, the CP should be synchronized to R/3. This works fine, but the CP number that was originally assigned in my CRM is now replaced by a number in R/3.

Therefore my CP now has one number from my number range in CRM and a different one in R/3 that is out of my number range. Number ranges are aligned between systems. There seems to be no problem synchronizing data between the systems, so I am curious as to know what is going on.

This is standard behavior. Contact person data is rigidly aligned with customer data in SAP R/3 -- unlike in SAP CRM, where the R/3 contact person number is assigned by the system.

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