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Consuming a Web service from an SAP 4.6c R/3 application server

A reader wants to know how to consume a Web service from an SAP 4.6c R/3 application server.

How can I consume a function in C, from SAP 4.6c or previous versions? I believe that version 4.6c cannot consume Web services.
The simplest way to do this would be to build a JCo RFC server that acts as a communication gateway between SAP and the Web service. Essentially, you would create a Java-based registered server program that can be invoked from within an ABAP program. That registered server program would then be responsible for invoking the Web service and translating between the HTTP request/response data and the ABAP import/export parameters.

Check out my article An introduction to the JCo server. You can also find a full sample application in my book...

Enterprise Java for SAP.

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