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Connection between application logs and IDocs

Need to find out how the connection between the log and IDoc is created? Get the answer here.

I know about SAP application logs and have used them in the past in batch programs. Recently I have seen a log connected to an IDoc in the IDoc display (we02). How is the connection between the log and IDoc created?

For example, in a user exit, if I create and write a message to a custom application log, then if it fails in status 51, how do I link the log and the IDoc so the button that allows the log to be viewed is active in the IDoc display transactions?

IDocs are usually processed by some application transaction or BAPI. Many such transactions write an application log. Some IDoc handlers are smart enough to be aware that there is a log file, while some handler might even write its own application log (functions BAL…). You can view the log with transaction SLOG.

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