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Connecting to SAP via RFC and J2EE

How do I connect to SAP database and access the RFC using J2EE architecture? Austin Sincock answers.

How do I connect to SAP database and access the RFC using J2EE architecture? And what are the packages to be imported in the Java application in order to communicate with SAP and to access RFCs?
SAP has offered the JCo connector for almost two years now. JCo provides easy-to-use Java classes that allow you to connect directly to the RFC layer. However, SAP also offers a newer J2EE-based connector that is built of the J2EE Connector Architecture specification, called the SAP Java Resource Adapter (JRA). JRA is designed to allow plug-and-play compatibility with development environments that support J2EE CA. However, it is still a beta release and not recommended for mission critical apps. Both connectors can be found at http://service.sap.com/connectors
This was last published in May 2003

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