Configuring WF for SAP SRM

Configuring WF for SAP SRM in the extended classic scenario

I need you help! I'm trying to activate the WF for SRM in the extended classic scenario. I need to activate the WF (WS14000148 and WS14000145) for contracts and POs. Is there a WF configuration guide to make this activations? Or a document learning how I can do this? I turned to SAP for help, but there isn't information about configuration in WF N-steps (
The workflow engine in SRM requires a number of consecutive steps to activate/configure the approval workflow.

You can download the "Business Scenario Configuration Guide" for Self-Service procurement and see the workflow sections for some step-based configuration. Go to

Here are some additional thoughts.

Assuming that some of the basic workflow system setup is complete, then:

In addition to the activation of approval workflows, you also need to configure the "start conditions" for triggering the Contract and PO workflows. Go to the following location in the IMG (TCode: SPRO):Supplier Relationship Management > SRM Server > Cross-Application Basic Settings > SAP Business Workflow.

Not sure how much setup has been done in your environment. But be sure to focus on the following sections: 1) Maintain Standard Settings for SAP Business Workflow. 2) Perform Task-Specific Customizing. 3) Define Start Conditions for Starting Workflow.

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