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Configuring SAP by way of the Internet

Our expert defines SGA and points to resources in regards to enabling SAP office via the Internet and creating rollback segments.

Can you please address a few questions regarding configuring SAP access via the Internet?

1. How would you configure SAP access for Internet users?
2. How would you enable SAP office for users?
3. What is SGA?
4. Can you create your own rollback segment?

For configuring SAP access via the Internet you should go to the SAP Service Marketplace (http://service.sap.com/security). Also, many topics exist in the standard SAP help on SAP office. Have a look at SAP help and search for SAP office.

The SGA is the System Global Area (I assume that we are talking Oracle.) And yes, you can create your own rollback segments if you have authorizations to do so. You should, however, go for Automatic Undo Management, which is available for all Oracle versions 9.2 and above.

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