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Configuring SAP HR Payroll settings for retroactive accounting

Find out where to locate retroactive accounting settings in SAP HR Payroll.

Where can I find settings pertaining to retroactive accounting in SAP HR Payroll?

Retroactive accounting settings at data entry may be found in table T582A. This table is configured by SAP HR infotypes. The Retroactive accounting trigger section allows you to restrict entry for both payroll and time to:


  • Blank: Infotype is not relevant for retroactive accounting
  • R: Change triggers retroactive accounting
  • T: Retroactive accounting is field-dependent according to T588G

At the payroll area level in SAP HR Payroll, the earliest retroactive pay period may be set when the payroll control record is open (that is, when released), opened for correction or exited.

At the employee level, Payroll Status infotype (0003) can restrict the earliest date for a retroactive entry.

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