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Communicative and analytical, but not enough SAP configuration exposure

I got one and half years of ABAP experience in AFS for one of the top three AFS companies, then I worked for two years as a business analyst supporting a business process with non-SAP applications in one of the top computer manufacturers. Since then I have been working as a support team lead for the SD module in one of the leading auto manufacturers for a year. I'm working with an Indian IT company.

All the positions were held in different parts of Europe. I attended an SAP CRM course. My strengths are communication, analytical skills, change management and client handling. My negatives are not enough knowledge of or exposure to SAP configuration. What should be my next career move?
It's funny how many career questions also include the seeds of an answer. If you feel what's holding you back is a lack of SAP configuration knowledge and exposure (and you certainly can bring some powerful and appealing on-the-job experience to bear in looking for further work in financial systems, business analysis and systems/design development), then perhaps you should investigate what kinds of training options are available in that area.

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