Choosing between BSP and Web Dynpro

Do you need to learn BSP, Web Dynpro or both in order to succeed in SAP? This expert tip explains.

I am new to SAP. I want to become a technical consultant, specifically a programmer. I don't know how to choose between BSP and WebDynpro. How can I make this decision?
This is not an either-or situation. If you are serious you need to learn both: First BSP, then WebDynpro.

WebDynpro for ABAP is a framework for Web development that runs on top of BSP.

BSP in a nutshell: You can create BSP applications in SE80, Add a page to your application. Now you can code normal web page in HTML as in any other Web server. If you need to insert ABAP code, just embrace the code in <% ... %> tags, like you do in ASP.NET or JSP.NET


My BSP test <% data: itab type table of t005 with header line. select * from t005 into table itab. %> <% loop at itab. %> <%= itab-land1 %> <% endloop. %> To learn more, try SAP help.

There is also the HTMLB extension for BSP, a macro language that makes pages easier to create. There are also many tutorials in SDN.

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