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Changing the number range in change request numbers

Bert Vanstechelman discusses how to use ABAP report RSWBO301to alter the number range for change request numbers in a SAP development system.

Is it possible to change the number range used in assigning change request numbers in a development system? If so, what is the procedure?

This is possible via ABAP report RSWBO301. Its documentation is straightforward. Go to transaction sE38, enter RSWBO301 and choose documentation display.

Program Documentation

This report program searches for a free interval for numbering requests. If the search is successful, you can save the interval. The request numbers are then taken from this interval.


For customers, the number range interval includes the following areas:

900000-999999 (just numerals)
9A0000-9ZZZZZ for ASCII character set or
9AAAAA-9Z9999 for EBSDIC character set.

You only need to execute this program if you have come to the end of the number range interval, but there are still large gaps in the range that you want to use up.


Why you might get into this situation:

The customer has the SAP system C11. The last number assigned is C11K900115. The customer now imports transport request C11K9ZZZZA from an external SAP system C11 into the customer system C11. The next request created in this system will have the number C11K9ZZZZB.

Proceed as follows:

1. Execute this program in transaction SE38.
2. Enter the interval limit, for example 5000. You can change this limit at any time.
3. Choose Execute. If you entered an interval limit of 5000, the report searches for a free interval with a size of 5000.
4. If the search was successful, you can save this interval. If not, repeat the search with a smaller interval.

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