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Changing the SAP system ID (SID) after an upgrade

After setting up parallel DEV and QAS systems, our expert advices on how to handle the old and new SIDs.

I have recently read your book mySAP ERP Upgrade Project Guide(excellent book). I have a question regarding the SAP landscape during the upgrade.

We are going to set up parallel DEV and QAS systems. If I understand scenario two correctly -- page 38-39 of your book -- we should copy our DEV and QAS systems to new hardware (upgrade keeping existing SIDs) and change the SIDs and transport routes in the old DEV and QAS to DV2/QA2 and ZDV2. Is this correct?

Are there any issues with changing the SIDs in the old system that we should be aware of? What needs to be changed in the old system (i.e., transport system/routes, logical system name)? I just want to make sure I clearly understand what needs to be done before we start this process.

If you follow the procedure as described, you should be fine. The only additional thing to consider is that when changing the SID, all the developer keys become invalid and need to be renewed.

Although we discussed the option in our book, I would not recommend to change the SID on the old systems. I would change them on the new systems. In addition, there is no need to change the SID on the production system. You move the productive system to the new hardware (keeping the SID) and upgrade later on.

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