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Changing all SAP user account passwords from one location

An SAP user needs information on how to change the password on several SAP user accounts from a central location.

We need a functionality (RFC) to allow a user to change a password centrally from one point (i.e., logon to one...

system, change password and then distribute) on all his SAP user accounts without having to logon to each individual system/client.

This functionality should allow the authenticated user (via trusted RFC) to change his own password without having to (again) specify the old password.

What would you advise?

I would not advise this approach, but would suggest instead looking at Single Sign On solutions (i.e., when the user logs on to the network, that authentification is used to log into the various SAP systems the user has access to. The only password the user has to maintain then is the network one).

Otherwise, you might look at the BAPI BAPI_USER_CHANGE

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