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Career prospects for SAP MM vs. SRM, PLM

Learn the job outlook for SAP MM, PLM and SRM, according to career expert Jon Reed.

Presently, I am working at the operational level in a warehousing/distribution company. My job can be compared to that of a stock or inventory controller. I actually have one and a half years of experience in this company.

I am considering taking SAP certification courses in MM this December. My question is a general question regarding prospects of MM. What are the realistic prospects for MM careers in the next two years?

I wouldn't pursue MM right now if I were you. MM consulting still looks strong for the next two years, but only for senior (five year plus) MM consultants. SAP is moving its logistics applications towards "adaptive supply chain networks," so you're a lot better off trying to break into new supply chain and logistics areas of SAP where there is no one with deep experience. PLM and SRM are examples of areas where there should be a lot of growth in the years to come.

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