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Career change to SAP BW

Is it possible to break into BW with training but no SAP experience? Jay Narayanan shares some thoughts.

I have been in the IT field for roughly 20 years, out of which eight years are in the USA. Currently I am working with a big corporation in Oracle, C++, .Net technologies.

Previously I tried to change my career and underwent SAP BW training. It was roughly one year back. And since then I am practicing and reading various books. But whenever I apply for any position, they ask for experience. Is there some way to get into this field?

The initial break into SAP is really difficult for anyone. My advice is to keep working hard and try for full time positions. Since the resource requirements in SAP is going up every year, due to resource crunch, many companies try to fill the positions with candidates experienced in other areas and have just taken SAP training. So be persistent and keep trying; you will eventually be successful.

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