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Career advice for ABAPers

Andre Truong discusses how ABAPers can transition to NetWeaver and a list of skills for the current ABAP professional to be familiar with in order to progress with the next generation of SAP.

There's been a lot of hype about composite apps and analytics over the past year. From a career perspective, that's your advice to an old-school ABAP developer looking to get on the new wave and avoid the outsourcing ax?
Try to join or trigger a research or prototype project involving the latest in NetWeaver. Learn as much as you can from SDN resources on Web AS, Portal, CAF, Visual Composer and WebDynpro.

If there's no NetWeaver champion within your organization, try to become the one. Embrace NetWeaver. SAP did. It's a billion dollar story that catapulted a 34 year old man coming from a non-SAP environment to the SAP boardroom and the helm of all SAP development in just a handful of years.

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