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Can we integrate XI with the MQ series for connecting mainframes without using adapters?

An explanation for using adapters and middleware.

We are integrating XI with the MQ series for connecting mainframes. I know third-party adapters like iWAY and Software AG are available, but I was wondering if there are any routes besides using these adapters?

Also, we are using a JMS adapter in XI for connecting to MQ Series. What are the steps on the XI receiver configuration side and the MQ series side? XI is pushing the message to MQ.

I presume that you have the JMS adapter installed in XI. If so, you simply send the message to the MQ port and that's it. The treat with middleware is that the message handling and message flow should be independent of the endpoint. You first will send the message to a logical system that you define in the SLD (System Landscape Directory). The communication between XI and the physical system is then handled by the adapter, in your case the JMS adapter. iWay and SAG will also provide adapters for XI for you to use (unless you decide for the easy way and use JMS for all systems).

For the other part, I'm not sure I understand the question. What to configure in the receiver determination? You say you are pushing the messages, so I understand that XI will send data only, and not receive any. In that case the receiver determination can remain empty.

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