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Can we get ROI from an SAP upgrade to ECC 6.0?

Does upgrading or enhancing SAP in an ECC6 environment mean lower costs? Read this expert tip to find out.

My company has ECC 5.0 and we are wanting to upgrade to ECC 6.0. We are currently running FICO and HCM on the same instance. I have learned that once we move to ECC 6.0, it will be less intrusive to one area to take advantage of enhancements. Currently, each time we implement a support stack, upgrade, etc, it is very costly and in many cases, there is one area that does not see a direct benefit. I am trying to develop the business case to move to ECC 6.0 in order to take advantage of the lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Can you confirm how the future upgrades look once we get to ECC 6.0?
An article by Thomas Weiss called, " Industry Solutions are now integrated into the SAP ERP Core", has the information you are looking for. Here is an excerpt:

"The Switch Framework and its different layers make the integration of SAP industry solutions into the SAP ERP core possible. Since all ISS are now developed in the latest ERP system and delivered one set of DVDs, this means lower TCO for you as customer; where you used to need two systems, you only need one."

Editor's note: The document is available for download for those who register at SAP Insider.

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