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Can a JCo Connector be used instead of a BC Connector?

Install the SAP router if you wish to use JCo in place of BC Connectors, says Thomas Schuessler.

One of our customers has one unit in the U.S. and another in Singapore. The SAP server is in the U.S. and a third party application is running in Singpore. Someone in Singpore wants to invoke the RFC in the SAP server (which is in the U.S.).

Initially we were using SAP BC Connector. So we installed on the BC Connector in the U.S. and so from Singpore the communication layer will be HTTP. Then the BC connector will take care of invoking RFC in US server.

This is the scenario. Now comes my question. Can we use JCo connector instead of BC connector in this scenario?

Question in brief: - Can we use JCo connector to connect the SAP server which is outside of our local network (behind firewall)?

Yes, no problem. Install the SAP Router. It allows you to get through the firewall in a controlled fashion. Please don't ask me for details about how to install SAP Router, though. I have used it quite often, but never installed it. The Router String (which your network people will have to give you) needs to be put in front of the host name in your JCo connection code.

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