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Can SAP developer include authority check for S_TCODE in a called transaction?

An administrator wants to know if there is a way to run an authority check in a transaction code without having to add it in in S_TCODE.

Is there an object that allows you to run a new T_Code (i.e., KB51N) from the SM35 T_Code without having to add the new T_Code in S_TCODE?

For example, I believe you can simply add a new T_Code in an object that allows limited access to that new T_Code to run a report.

As a general rule, there is no authorization check on the called transaction code when called from another transaction. However, an SAP developer can include an authority check explicitly in the logic of the called transaction that will, by default, result in a check of the authority for S_TCODE for the called transaction.

If the check is implemented in accordance with SAP's guidance, the authority check for the transaction can be turned off using transaction SE97.

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