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Can I use SAP JCo on an unsupported operating system?

A list of JCo supported operating systems and an alternative for use in others.

Can I use SAP JCo on the IBM OS 4690 operating system?
From the SAP support portal:

"The SAP JCo 2.1.7 is unrestrictedly available for the following platforms: Windows NT/2000/2003, Linux (Intel processors, IBM eServer zSeries, Intel EM64T and AMD64 processors and PPC64 for PowerPC), Solaris (SPARC processors and x86_64 processors), AIX, HP-UX, z/OS, OS/400, COMPAC Tru64 and Apple OS X."

You will notice that 4690 is not one of the supported operating systems. However, the JCo libraries can be physically hosted on any application server with network access to SAP. I recommend implementing a low-cost Linux server for your application and provide access via Web browser if you are providing user-based applications. JCo does not need to reside on the server that hosts your instances of the SAP Web application server.

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