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Can I use ABAP to insert Excel graphs into a Word document?

Looking for best practices for inserting Excel graphs into a Word document with SAP? Application development expert Matt Billingham describes how.

I'm preparing an ABAP program for creating a Word document as a company report. For that reason, I'm using Desktop Office Integration (DOI) classes and methods. I also need to put some Excel graphs into the report. Is there any way to use SAP to insert an Excel graph object inside a Word document?

I can't find the right method or function by looking at i_oi_document_proxy and so on.

It seems like you have a very challenging project! My advice is, rather than have your ABAP create a Word document, it should read in a prepared blank Word document, and interact with macros embedded in that.

You can call macros from DOI, with parameters. These macros can handle the embedding of the graphs, and finally do a "save as" to save the final document. I hope you are good at VBA, or can learn it very quickly. Good luck.

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