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Can I install updates to correct an error in a CRM system?

Learn how to troubleshoot an error message on a CRM system. MySAP CRM expert Srini Katta responds to a user who has periodic system errors.

Periodically, I get this error message on a working CRM 4.0 system:

SAF: Knowledge Search
Error: Search HTTP server settings incorrect.

This causes the index server and knowledge search to stop functioning. However, if we bounce the server, everything gets restored and starts working normally. What could be the problem?

It is very important to mention the SP level of CRM 4.0. Please check for the latest updates on Software Agent Framework at http://www.service.sap.com/instguides. Please also find the patch location on http://www.service.sap.com.

* Patch location:
http://service.sap.com/patches -> SAP Software Distribution Center -> SAP Support Packages and Patches -> SAP Application Components -> SAP CRM -> SAP CRM 4.0 -> CRM Software Agent Framework

* Installation instructions:
http://service.sap.com/crm-inst -> SAP CRM 4.0 -> General and Technical Installation Guides -> Software Agent Framework (SAF) 4.0

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