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Can I generate a list of all BAPIs on my system and find BAPI metadata?

Wondering how to generate a list of all BAPIs on your system? Need to find BAPI metadata? Learn how in this expert Q and A with development expert Matt Billingham.

I'm looking for a BAPI that will allow my program to:

  • Get a list of RFC-callable BAPIs available in my R/3 system.
  • Get all the metadata for a particular BAPI., i.e., the list of all the imports, exports and tables and their descriptions.

What I want to do with the second task is generate the logic to call the BAPI within my own GUI, and not require my user to go to the SAPGUI to, say, generate an skeleton RFC C program.

I'm not aware of a BAPI that lists all available BAPIs, but this information is held in the database view SBAPIS. You could use the RFC RFC_READ_TABLE to get this information.

To get the metadata for a BAPI, using the method InterfaceGetDocu of Business object BapiService – this is implemented by function module BAPI_INTERFACE_GETDOCU. See the BAPI Explorer for documentation of this BAPI.

Are there standard SAP function modules that perform either of these tasks?

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