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Can I extract data from a Hyperion database to SAP BW?

Learn how to transfer data from a Hyperion database into SAP BW, or from SAP FI t SAP BW.

Our client is planning on an initiative to move from Hyperion Financial Management to SAP BW. Before implementing the BW BCS cubes, the data from Hyperion has to move to BW. How can we do this? Is there a method of extracting data from Hyperion?
I don't think BW provides any interface to pull data directly from the Hyperion database. The easiest way I can think of is to write the data into files and load those files to BW. Data extraction from an SAP FI application to BW will be easier since R/3 and BW are tightly integrated and there are extractors available, which can be used to extract data from the SAP FI system.

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