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Can I change the sender line in workflow notifications?

Learn how to change the sender line in workflow notifications in this tip from SAP workflow expert Alon Raskin.

In workflow notifications, we get e-mails coming from the user "WF-BATCH." Is it possible to change the sender/source of the e-mail notification from WF-BATCH to the user who executed the task that leads to the sending of the notification e-mail?
Yes -- I believe that this is possible, though I have never tried it myself. I assume that the send mail step is directly after the task that caused this mail step to be sent. If this is the case, then you need to ensure that the send mail task is changed to a dialog step (uncheck the Background processing box in the send mail step). You should also ensure that the Advance with Dialog option is checked.

If the send mail task is executed under the user ID of the person who executed the task, then that should ensure...

that that user is in the from address line.

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